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Kindergarten Guide

Does My Child Need Speech Therapy?

Sometimes it is clear children are mispronouncing certain sounds or words in their everyday speech, other times it may not be quite so obvious.


Parents are often experts at interpreting the wants and needs of their children. However, if you notice you regularly need to interpret what your child says to others, or if your child seems overly frustrated when trying to communicate, it might be time for some intervention. 

Speech Therapy itself can be presented in a range of fun and creative ways. Generally, an assessment is recommended to explore the sounds and sound combinations (AKA phonological processes) your child has or needs to obtain based on their age-group.

If Speech Therapy is recommended, your Speech Pathologist will create some individualised speech goals for your child. These goals often aim to improve the clarity and co-ordination of the more challenging sounds analysed across a variety of levels. 

Speech Therapy involves a thorough understanding of the oral anatomy and larynx, including  how they co-ordinate to produce sounds. Your child will be taught how to target their error sounds through correct placement of their tongue, lips, teeth, jaw, soft palate, hard palate and use of their vocal tract. 

Therapy often involves teaching (or re-teaching) oral motor placement to address specific speech sounds. 


If you have any concerns about your child's speech development, please don't hesitate to contact us today.

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