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Early Intervention

Stacking Blocks

Pre-Linguistic Skills 

Pre-Linguistic Skills are the important foundational skills all children learn before their speech and language really starts to develop.


Earlier developing skills are often subtle. They include;

  • Demonstrating an awareness of an environment beyond themselves - and reacting to it.

  • Responding to people during interactions

  • Developing play skills

  • Understanding early words and basic instructions

  • Following familiar routines and instructions

 That's not all! Sharing attention, learning how to take turns, copying gestures and sounds, and initiating interactions - are all vitally important Pre-Linguistic Skills.

Development of these skills is essential for your child to communicate effectively as they grow. Many children develop these skills naturally, however some require a little help. If you think your child might need a little assistance, book in an assessment or chat with us today!

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