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Allied Health Assistants
Available from January, 2023!

What is a Speech Pathology Allied Health Assistant?

Speech Pathology Allied Health Assistants are trained to provide assistance with the delivery and administration of Speech Pathology services. All Speech Boutique Allied Health Assistants are currently enrolled in- or have undertaken - the Certificate IV Allied Health Assistance course.

Allied Health Assistants and Therapy 

NDIS and Allied Health Assistant Therapy

Allied Health Assistants can provide support services under the NDIS. This arrangement can represent value for money for the participant compared to the alternative of all supports being delivered by the supervising therapists. The Allied Health Assistant rate is set at $86.79 per hour.  Where negotiated and necessary, travel is also charged at this rate.

Allied Health Assistants provide capacity building supports, to assist a client with developmental delay or disability and their family or carers in home, community and early childhood education settings, to work towards increased functional independence and social participation.

Supports must be delivered by a therapy assistant working under the delegation and supervision of a therapist, where the therapist is satisfied that the therapy assistant is able to work independently without direct supervision at all times.  

It is important to understand that Allied Health Assistants (AHAs) cannot be utilised as a replacement for a Speech Pathologist. 

AHAs follow therapy plans written, delegated and supervised by Speech Pathologists to facilitate the delivery of Speech Pathology services. The process of delegation involves the Speech Pathologist assessing the client, providing goals and a plan before then allocating the work to an Allied Health Assistant.

The Allied Health Assistant is responsible for completion of the tasks set, however the Speech Pathologist remains responsible and accountable to the client and will continue to update the client goals as necessary.

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