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Kids with Capes
Kid Playing with Bubble

A Dynamic Assessment

Assessments don't have to be boring! All our therapies are play-based and we do our best to make assessments as fun as possible. 

We use a combination of evidence-based testing, informal (clinician) observations and an in-depth interview with you - the caregivers -  to ensure we gain a thorough understanding of any presenting concerns.

We actively practice an individual and strengths-based approach. The goal? To support you as a family and find an individualised approach to arrive at the best possible outcome.  

Prefer a school- based assessment? It may just be possible! Feel free to e-mail us to discuss your Speech Pathology needs.


The assessment rate is charged at at flat fee of $750 including an assessment report of findings. 

Please note it may take up to 3 sessions to complete an assessment.  Assessments are charged at a $193.99 hourly rate. 


If you would like to request any additional reports or letters (e.g. Paediatrician or Pscyhology referrals), these are charged at the $193.99 hourly rate.

Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure.

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